Best of 2017

January 8, 2018

2017, The year of Salt Bea, Beyonce’s Pregnancy and Storm Ophelia. Interesting enough to some.

It’s been a challenge only to pick a couple of images from each wedding, and describe them as a ‘highlight’ when there are thousands of many wonderful moments that are equally deserving of being shared. If I had the time, I’d prefer to do a blog post on each one, as each wedding is beautifully different. Each day has its own vision, its own light, colour tones and vibrance, emotion and character.

This has been a year of ups rather than downs for me. Probably my biggest accomplishment is that i’ve managed to graduate from University. Trying to manage a full time business while balancing deadline proved intense. FYI I studied Website Development, (Interactive Multimedia Design), for anyone curious. So.. I’m going to go right ahead and give myself a pat on the back for coming out the other end alive. I always felt a little secretive about it studying while shooting weddings. It was like a shield barrier I put up incase people wouldn’t have faith in me as a professional or a creative. I soon realised after telling people, their respect for me managing a business while under the extra strain was much more admirable. It was tough and I can’t thank my couples for having the value in me, and encouraging me when at times, I lost the value in myself.

Through this year, I have had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful places, from various locations in England, Portugal, Holland and all over our beautiful green island. I must say, Ireland is without doubt the most inspiring out of them all. We live in a community of luscious creatives, talented supplier such a hairdressers, makeup artists, dress designers and cake makers that cultivate the essence of the dream weddings i’ve been so blessed to shoot.

Where do i begin to thank my couples. Not only for their support in booking me, but for the inspiration they’ve gave me and the encouragement I receive from them. It’s always a little nerve wrecking sending a wedding collection to a couple, and I always appreciate the gratitude I get in return.

I’ve had such an amazing time also shooting editorials for One Fab Day, Dirty Fabulous, The Wedding Journal, and the brand new Titanic Hotel. I’ve even been blessed to have these published in The Sunday Independent and Confetti Magazine.

I’m looking forward to 2018. I’ve decided to really pull back on the amount I shoot this year. Leaving more time to experiment and to find a balance between work and my own life, as a creative.

P x