Elegant Castle Leslie Wedding – Judith & Joshua

Every time I visit Castle Leslie I always see something different, which is almost laughable as I live a three minute drive away and often visit for a coffee and walk around on cold mornings when the birds are still chirping and the sun is emerging from the far side of the lake, over the tall evergreen forest and surrounding fields. There is something very exciting when you meet a couple like Judith and Joshua, primarily when they begin to tell you their vision for the day, the details and plans they have in mind. As I only take on a small number of weddings a year, It’s very important to me that I meet up with my couple to make sure we hit it off, so that not only will they be comfortable with me on their wedding day, but I find it very important that we gather a trust within each other which makes the day feel as though i’m just a school friend, and I love that most. The thing first sparked my interest in this day was when Judith told me about her Dad, and how he owned an Austin 12 car that he planned on driving Judith to the church in. It was incredibly endearing to watch their bond and relationship the morning of the wedding in Richhill, County Armagh. Rachel from The White Gallery Styled Judith and Una Rodden designed the bridesmaids. Two very good selections for bridal wear.

I first met Judith & Josh last autumn for their engagement shoot. I was overwhelmed when Judith told me that she wanted to go out on a boat around the lake of Castle Leslie, with the burnt oranges and auburn colours that reflected like a soft painting reassured me that their actual wedding around the same time of year was only going to be as charismatic. Grab a cuppa and enjoy not only the style of the day, but all the beautiful details which demonstrate the couples attention to detail.

Peter x

In Judith’s words, “Going out to get that light was definitely worth setting gin down for” haha!