North Cadbury Wedding

July 19, 2017

Speechless. You’ve left me speechless.

I can’t but say I have the best clients in the world. It was a perfectly intimate day, easy going and very emotional. Tyrone & Sophie rented out a quaint mansion to host the event for their loved ones, with a church based on the estate so that the entire celebration would run as fluidly as possible. I was in such awe of North Cadbury Court as soon as I arrived in the whimsical piece of countryside in the south west of England.  

Although it was the first time we met in person, I feel as though myself and Sophie have been friends for years. We chatted regularly and skyped often exchanging stories and ideas. They are blessed with the most beautiful daughter Eva who I was super excited to meet. I knew that it was very important that the day would be based about the three of them as a family rather than a couple.

When I woke up the morning of the wedding, I was alarmed to see an ambulance at the front of the venue. Eva had to be taken to hospital with a minor asthma condition and had to be kept in hospital for the day for observation. Sophie and Tyrone thought it best the wedding went on ahead. Watching their bravery was compelling. It was difficult to not feel personally distraught for them. Although it was very clear they were putting on a brave face, it was remarkable to see their family show true courage and support in a difficult time where everything should be wonderful. When I realised that the Sterling family are from Bromley, London, I remembered that I was booked for an engagement shoot at the end of June in London, so I managed to catch up with them where we retook some of their portraits with Eva. She is the one of the smartest little girls and Sophie & Tyrone should be so proud.

I feel so blessed to have been introduced to such an incredibly strong and generous family. It was so inspiring to see their love and ability to get each other through a very difficult and poignant day.  This trip to Somerset is the first of the couple of weddings I have outside of Ireland. When I started weddings three years ago, I never knew that I would have such an opportunity to meet so many astounding people in course with my work, and that is what means the most to me. Connections. To everyone who has believed in me from the early days, thank you.

Sophie & Tyrone, I can’t thank you enough for making me feel like a real friend, an old pal you could say.

Peter x