Intimate Dublin City weddings are so beautiful, for so many reasons. In general, Dublin in general is too cool. Don’t get me wrong, I love Belfast/Monaghan and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but the kaleidoscopic colours that run wild through the city streets, blissed with an invigorating energy of the people is infusing. 

I had such a wonderful time with the lovely Seoidin & Tom who were full of hugs from the moment we met. I’m a hugger, and it means a lot when someone hugs me first, asks how the journey was, how I am. That kind of stuff. I’m not one trying portray myself as an old school “professional”… if that makes sense. I don’t want to come across as uptight or unapproachable. I want to be a friend, and that’s how I felt in Seoidin and Tom’s company. 

The day started in the Gibson Hotel beside the Three Arena on at the docklands on Dublin’s North side. The prep for the wedding was in the suite at the top of the building that overlooked the most iconic part of Dublin’s docklands, the pool beg chimneys. I always remember noticing them after seeing the two towers in the intro of the Veronica Guerin film, and always thought them striking for some particulalrly  odd reason. The view of them was stunning from the gibson, seeing the birds sail through them in the April wind. 

When I caught up with all the lads in a beautiful warm, and cosy bar near Dublin’s city hall, they were classically relaxed before the ceremony and decided to enjoy a cold pint of Guinness. As Tom is English, there was a lot of “must-do’s” at this celebration, drinking a pint with his family, friends and dad was particularly one of them before marrying his Irish fiance. I’ve never been in City Hall, and i’m shocked I haven’t as it is without a doubt one of Dublin’s biggest gems. The clean grey pastel tones complimented the wedding palette of charcoal, coral and dusty pink, stylishly picked by Seoidin.

Here are some highlights. 

Peter x