There are two key things I think make for a beautiful collection of engagement images. The first one is raw emotion. Lots of sweet looks, big squeezes and gentle kisses. The second is light. Sweet beautiful golden sunlight to give that enchanting halo effect. There is something so dreamy and nourishing about the feel it gives, especially shooting as lovely a couple as Barry & Stephanie. 

They’re getting married on Saturday in the very stunning Castle Leslie Estate, a place of magical back drops that offer a real sense of Irish beauty. For this shoot, we planned for a while to go somewhere angelic, like a beach or the mountains. But… It was in that little blink of good weather we were gifted with a few weeks back that we decided to go for it and shoot the Just Us session it in our wild fields of Monaghan. There is no place like home on a beautiful day. It is seldom in Ireland we get nice light and warm air, so when the opportunity came, I was delighted Stephanie & Barry were game to catch the light with me. 

I’m so excited for Saturday. It will be one to remember. 

Peter x