If someone told me three years ago at the beginning of this photography venture that there is a couple out there who will take you to Paris for an engagement shoot, I probably would have laughed, called them daft and walked off. I remember receiving Shanna’s wedding enquiry last autumn at a time where I wasn’t taking 2017 bookings, and insisted I kept her date free. When the three of us met up in Castle Leslie a few weeks later, we connected so quickly and spent hours talking weddings, family importance and a love of travel. I was shocked at their proposal for the engagement location, but filled with excitement. It is common now, I’m sure most photographers would agree, that I have a greater bond with the bride as I am more in contact with her than the groom, but this is definitely a 50/50. I couldn’t be happier. 

      I feel like Paris was such a turning point for me. It’s easy to get your head wrapped up in what other photographers are doing, and not to listen to your own thoughts and honouring who you are as an artist. I went to paris with a blank canvas as I wanted to seek true inspiration in a way I do best, wondering at ease with Catherine having silly talk, eating carbs and drinking coffee finding true beauty in where ever our feet take us, and not to be try and replicate another pinterest idea.

      When we finished the shoot on the old side streets of old paris, We decided to go for a drink to celebrate. We sat for hours over a bottle of beautiful wine in a cocktail bar on the river seine watching the eiffel tower sparkle in the spring night. It was probably at that moment I pinched myself, took a deep breath and told myself never to forget how blessed I am to have been brought to such a dreamy part of the world with the most loving couple, Shanna and Gavin.

      Also a little thank you to my best friend Catherine Hughes for keeping me company in Paris, You’re one in a  million. Peter x

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