Get used to it, in case we will meet in person! If you donβ€˜t like hugs, click the little red dot in the corner, because you will not like me. πŸ™‚ I am so glad you are here, welcome! It is my vision to make you feel at home with me. And that my work will remind you that you are loved. In order to achieve that, I use beauty. I believe beauty makes life better, everyday richer and the world more colorful. Without beauty everything would be dull and empty. It is my strong belief that elegance and beauty will never age, in a world of people fixated on trends. If you think so too and if my vision excites you, then give me five! : ) If you are planning an intimate wedding or elopement, than double high five! We will most likely be a great match! Have fun reading I am looking forward to meet you!